BUS TICKETS (biglietto)

You buy bus tickets at most news stands or small convenience shops(1.5Euro each or 14Euro for book of 10)
Tickets are good for all regular busses and light rail train along the coast (not cable cars).

There are also ticket machines in many public places, train stations, Ospital Gaslini entrance foyer etc. You can get the tickets shown below, plus the Airport VeloBus (See below)..

When you board the bus (usually at front or back not middle) stamp your ticket by inserting it in the (usually yellow) box on the bus. (on the train you stamp the reverse side!) You can ride and transfer to any bus or light rail train for 100 minutes. You can be fined 48 euros for not having a valid ticket. This is a variation on Italian Lotto. Legend abounds about where and how they catch you.

Below is an attempt at translating part of the Bus brochure section about tickets:



This big white bus leaves Brignole train station at the end of the lane farthest from the station.
Ticket is 6 Euros and includes use on any busses or local trains to get to Brignole. You stamp one end of ticket for local and other end for VeloBus. Tickets available in same machines as other tickets, and on the bus.

VolaBus Brochure / Times (click)