It has become much easier to find your way around the Genoa area since the AMT bus stops have been added to Google Earth. Here we will show you how to make customized personal bus stop links like those you see on the TRANSPORTATION PAGE. (And later, how to explore your neighborhood).
MapZoom.jpgNOTE: You may need a Google Account to get this all displayed in English.


Start by right-clicking on THIS LINKand opening it in a new Tab or Window.

Now you should have that displayed in another tab. Go check it out. Try these things:
  • NOTE that the buses that leave from this stop towards Genoa are shown on the left, and the next several times they will arrive is shown.
  • NOTE on the right the list of the next buses to arrive at this stop
  • At the bottom of the "Scheduled Departures" list, click "More Departures".
  • At upper left, click "Back to Overview" to get back.
  • NOTE: If you're walking with a mobile phone, you can get this same information sent to you in an SMS by texting the 4-digit Stop Number to 3202043514
  • Now EXPLORE: CLICK on the MAP
  • The map will expand. Note you can zoom in and out with the Zoom Scale MapOptions.jpglocated on the upper left (example on the right here) or your center mouse wheel, if you have one.
  • (You can move the Zoom Slider in the middle, or click the (+) and (-) )
  • Hold the left mouse button down on the map and you can drag it around.
  • Hover your mouse over the upper right option panel "Satellite"
    • NOTE that you can chose between
      • Satellite View which shows both street map and Google Earth view of the actual location
      • Earth View, which gives you a 3-D like view
      • MAP view like you started with
  • Bus20Stop.jpgGet back to MAP view. We will find a location, a Bus Stop, and make a new Link to it.
  • Zoom out some and use your mouse to drag the map to follow Corsa Europa to the left, (and along some different street names) until you come to the RailRoad station Brignole. It should look like the photo on the right.
  • Zoom in so that you are seeing the area shown on the right clearly.
  • Zoom in more until you see little blue BUS STOP symbols BusSymbol.jpg(like the example on the right) appear. Notice that if you zoom out more they disappear. Zoom in and they are back!
  • CLICK on your map, on the symbol shown in the center of example on the right.
  • CLICK on the label (Cadorna/piazza Della Vittoria‎) on the top of the popup.
  • Now you'll see a Bus Stop Detail page like those on the TRANSPORTATION page.
  • map-option.jpgSAVE a link to your new Bus Stop Info: Above the map, click on LINK. You will get a popup. Now you can use <Ctrl>C to save that link. Start a new tab or window and paste that link into it. View that page. Save it in your bookmarks, or put it on a WIKI page. If you click the "Short URL" box you'll get a nice short one that's easier to email.
  • EXPLORE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, your work location, or places you'd like to visit, and save quick links you can use at home to see what buses will leave a nearby bus stop, and at work to decide when to run out to the bus. Click on the map again, then zoom and drag to explore. When zoomed in you'll see lots of businesses and other locations, museums etc. Hover over the upper right and you'll see lots of options (See example on right). Try PHOTOS for many images other people have taken.
  • Google Street View: Get back to your Bus Stop and click on the map to enlarge it. Click on the bus stop. Now find the "Little Man" Icon on the zoom bar on upper left. Grab him with you mouse and drag him on top of the bus stop. You'll end up in Google Street View where you will see the actual location! It will take a while to get used to navigating in Street View.

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